Trip the Light Fantastic with my art.

It's like an acid trip without the acid!

Traveling through the imagination can be a powerful healing experience.

Theodora Saladino Krc


AT HOME 2022

Theodora is on a cosmic journey through this dimension of space and time. She sees herself as a visitor to this planet as a mere observer who’s just temporarily passing through this phase of eternity.

She enjoys studying the intricate sacred patterns that create life here on Earth as well as the Mandlebrot mathematical theory of chaos. She loves intergalactic theories of the nature of the universe as proposed by quantum physics and looks whenever possible at the beautiful pictures transmitted to Earth by Hubble and now the James Webb Space Telescope from places untouched by man.

The incredible beauty of this cosmos is breathtaking and is at the heart of what she wants to portray in her Cosmic Visions Fine Art paintings and drawings.

This dynamic cosmic beauty along with the tremendous power of the creative-destructive forces of the universe; the atomic light particles being beamed into our space from other dimensions, compels a web of invisible forces which connects everything here with everything there.

And the perpetuity of the entire eternal universe are the very concepts she places at the soul of her artwork.


"JOYFUL OCEAN OF WISDOM", Oil on Canvas, 4' x 5'

Theodora Saladino Krc is at The Artist Colony in Encinitas, CA with "Joyful Ocean of Wisdom", her portrait of the Dalai Lama.

Theodora is in her painting studio in Pt. Loma, CA with the "Spirit of Change" an Oil on Canvas 5'x5' painting. The painting was done as a talisman based upon the number "5", the number of change.  The 5 squared is 25 which adds up to "7" the most sacred number of all.

The painting was created at Christmas for hanging at the Designs in Silver Jewelry Store in Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California.

It worked!

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